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| September 11, 2009 | 5 Comments

solar hot waterTo have a Hot water we require geysers and these appliances take a lot of electricity that will increase the power bill. So does it not make sense to build a home made solar hot water system that will come cheaper and also reduce the power consumption?

Did you know that a solar water heater installed at home will save your electricity bills by Up to 33% and the installation of the system is very simple? You can easily get the parts and make the solar heater in your home backyard for less than $100.

Let us read further and come across some information that will really assist us in building our own solar hot water system and how this benefits the overall environment and the global warming.

The latest guide has been released that will help you achieve the goal mentioned above. The sun rays emitted from the sun produces a vast amount of energy into the atmosphere. This energy is utilized as power that gives a positive impact on the environmental and will save you hundreds of dollars on your power bill.

The advantage of these DIY plans is that they can be downloaded from their site online and one can start the project in just a few minutes. Solar heaters have been giving productive results in hot and cold climates. The heaters keep the water warm and this eliminates the use of electrical appliances.You will notice the savings from the very first month of the installation of the heaters at your home.

The design and construction of a solar water heater is very simple and only needs few days to complete it. Most of the materials are readily available at any hardware store and you can complete the entire unit for less than $100. This is a one time investment but has long term gains.

The DIY Project has proven technology that covers all the topics in detail. A beginner can easily understand the instructions given in the guide for installing a solar hot water system. This is only the foundation. One can later find lot of other utilities of the solar power that can be used to generate power to other appliances. Solar power has been used for cooking purposes, for running a laptop or used for charging the mobile phones.

So, why not start with a solar heater and start reading the DIY Guide that will surely gave some dollars in your pocket.



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  1. We have installed a solar water heater at home and it is also as good as conventional water heaters.’,*

  2. Kieran Adams says:

    Solar water heater is a very good technology because it helps conserve electrical energy for heating:–

  3. solar water heaters are great for reducing electricity bills and you also help the environment;;*

  4. solar water heaters are also energy savers, they help me save electricity bills from each month';.

  5. Luisa Mangan says:

    We once though that solar water heaters were atypical and opulent. However the level of air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and global warming have made them essential. With the kind of technologies that are in place today, it is easy to capture solar energy efficiently. This is particular good because solar energy is clean and renewable.-

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