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| September 11, 2009 | 2 Comments

Hair ExtensionsOver the past few years, hair extensions have become increasingly more popular.

In fact, in the past two decades the use of hair extensions has grown so significantly that you probably see someone on the street every day who has hair extensions.

This prevalence of hair extensions is due to a number of reasons including the advancement in hair extensions themselves and their use by famous individual. You may be considering getting hair extensions but have some reservations. Here are a few common questions and misconceptions about hair extensions.

Can wearing hair extensions damage my hair? When hair extensions are properly worn, they will not cause any damage to your hair or scalp. It is imperative, though, that you know how to attach your hair extensions correctly. For example, if you are using clip on hair extensions they should be clipped in an evenly spaced arrangement so that you get consistent coverage and they should be placed below the ear line so they are not visible.

Can hair extensions be cut? Absolutely! Hair extensions can be cut and styled in almost any way that you want. With that said, cutting hair extensions is no easier than cutting normal hair and it is advised that you have a professional do it unless you are very confident in your own abilities. In fact, many consider it much more difficult to cut hair extensions because there are subtle differences in how to approach cutting them.

What types of hair extensions are there? There are a number of common types of hair extensions including types that are clipped, glued, or otherwise bonded on. The two most common types of hair extensions of those that are clipped on and those that are glued on.

Are there any dangers to wearing hair extensions? Properly worn and applied, hair extensions provide no significant dangers to the wearer. It is advised however to follow any instructions on the packaging or given to you by your hairdresser.

Hair extensions can be a fun, easy, and beautiful way to transform your look or just help to smooth over the awkward phase when you are growing out your hair. With proper maintenance and care for your hair extensions, they can last and maintain their intended look for an extended period of time before they need to be replaced. Whether you are looking to make a drastic change or just have a little fun, hair extensions can be a great way to spice up your hair.

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