Jodi Arias – A history of sexual Promiscuity Found Guilty

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Jodi Arias - Found GuiltyIf you do not know the identity of the woman pictured, her name is Jodi Arias. Jodi’s infamy has been born of recent months due to her trial for the murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander being a highlighted feature presentation on HLN TV. Jodi after many lies to friends, family, the authorities and before a television audience, admitted to killing Travis Alexander. Jodi killed Travis Alexander by stabbing him with a knife 29 times, slashing his throat from ear to ear and finally shooting him in the face. Jodi committed this crime while Travis Alexander was helpless, naked in his shower; like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho. At Jodi’s trial and in many accounts televised by HLN it was revealed Jodi stalked Travis Alexander. Jodi spied on Travis Alexander. Jodi refused for her relationship to end with Travis Alexander. Jodi used sex to continue a relationship with Travis Alexander. And finally, Jodi planned and brutally murdered Travis Alexander.

Jodi Arias took Travis Alexander’s life on June 4, 2008. She drove from her town of Yreka, California to his home in Mesa, Arizona. She would likely never have admitted to it if not for the evidence she accidentally left at the scene in his home. The trial began on January 2, 2013 in Maricopa, Arizona.

I cannot answer for you. I can only guess what your answer might be. But if I was forced to answer for you, I would say, “yes, you could sentence Jack to death.” Why? Because Jack is an ugly vicious looking – man. And Kelly is a young beautiful looking – woman. Is this fair? I don’t think so. Why is our society more willing to dish out the death penalty to men than women? And it is a fact that our society does just that. And what if Kelly was an older, less attractive woman? Would that have made a difference? It might have. Our society also shows preferential treatment for beautiful young woman. This is wrong. This is not right. Jack (Travis Alexander) is no less special a human being on account of his being born a man. Kelly (Jodi Arias) is no more special a human being on account of her being born an attractive woman.

The case of Jodi Arias was a long running media circus. She was just recently found guilty and is up for sentencing under life or death. The sheer amount of testimony and grisly, violent photos included in evidence made this case a very graphic and emotional one. Many people found themselves glued to their televisions, enraptured at the often uncaring expression of a woman who had allegedly so brutally murdered her boyfriend. There were even lottery seats available to the lucky few able to gain entrance to the courtroom in which she sat. There were rumors of her stalking him after he had begun to date other women, rumors that she had been abused and eventually snapped because of his treatment of her, and even rumors of a romantic fling with a previous lover very shortly after she committed the murder. After a while, it became difficult to tell what was fact and what may have been popular fabricated opinion. The purpose of the story was like every other criminal case made public. It was to inform the general, curious population and perhaps family or friends about any progress or details surrounding the case. It simply became incredibly popular, giving it more of the feel of a drama series rather than a serious trial. The majority of the case was focused on Jodi Arias’s psychological status through the murder and during the long running trial.

In conclusion, criminology is a large part of the justice process, and the media only works to exacerbate public perception of the concept. Jodi Arias was a lengthy and complicated case, with a history of sexual promiscuity and a seemingly heightened desire to persuade. The grisly images of her victim will forever be imprinted on her jurors’ minds, as will the prosecution’s closing arguments on the general public. Because of certain aspects of the media perception, there are even some who consider her an innocent victim of domestic violence portrayed unfairly by the courts. The case of Dr. Daniel involves an act most of us could never dream of. Scamming money out of terminally ill people and their desperate families and friends is not something that can be accomplished by someone with a vulnerable heart. The media was quick to paint her as a monster, and judging by the online comments, the public wasted no time in following suit. Such is the power of media influence.

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