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You can really enjoy bringing a dog into your family as long as you care for it properly. If you want your dog to be healthy and happy, then you must learn to help them with what they need. Read on for tips to help you have a great relationship with your dog.

While you can hug your dog, you should avoid kissing your dog. Kisses from dogs are adorable, but they’re a lot less cute when you realize how filthy your dog’s mouth actually is. Dogs poke around trash cans, love smelling and licking other dogs’ body parts and enthusiastically drink from toilet bowls. Many people say that dogs have cleaner mouths than people. This is not in the least bit true.

TIP! It costs a lot of money to own a dog. You need to pay for high quality food, regular vet care, and various supplies.

If you bring your pet on vacation with you, keep a picture of him with you, particularly on your phone. This will help in the rare situation that you get separated from your dog. You will have a current picture of your dog to show to people.

Take some time to schedule dog training sessions in your own home and backyard. Don’t train in a park. They might feel distracted and not learn a thing.

Positive reinforcement is very important in training your dog. After all, your goal is for your dog to know when it is doing something good. Your dog will quickly understand that the praise is connected to a certain action.

TIP! Because dogs cannot speak to you, it is important to learn their non-verbal cues. You should never pressure your pet into interacting with strangers, be they human or canine.

Ask your vet how much food your dog should get every day. Even though many people stick to the label on the can or package of the dog’s food, sometimes these guidelines might not work for the type of dog that you have. This could lead to your dog becoming obese. Ask your vet for the proper amount based on your dog’s needs.

A dog’s bad behavior should always be corrected whenever you see the first signs of it. When you ignore this behavior, your dog thinks that it is okay. You could end up with a dog that hurts other people, so make sure you’re in control at all times.

You won’t just stop your dog from shedding on your carpet if you brush him on a daily basis. Regular brushing encourages a healthy, shining coat. This is caused by the motions since brushing distributes oils that keep skin, soft, shiny and healthy.

TIP! Store your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines in a safe place where your dog cannot get them. If your dog ingests your medications, it could be fatal.

Your dog should not be left alone outside all day. Dogs are social creatures and need interaction with others. Only having one dog can cause him to get lonely. In addition, in extreme weather, you must bring your dog inside to protect it from the weather and temperature extremes.

Show the dog that he is loved. A lot of owners focus on correcting bad behaviors rather than displaying affection for their dog. This can cause problems later on. Instead, scold your dog less and praise him more. This will reinforce that positive behavior brings due rewards, and thus lead to a better behaved pet.

Dogs can get a cut on their foot if they step on glass or debris. Clean any small cuts on your dog with antiseptic, and bandage the area. If it is a very deep cut, you should take him to a vet.

TIP! Use flea treatments with caution. There are ingredients in some of them that can risk cancer in your children.

You want to ensure that all trace of pet accidents are removed when they occur within the home. Use a cleaner specifically made to clean up such messes. If your dog can still smell the spot, he may go to the bathroom there again.

Make a careful selection when choosing your dog’s food. There are many kinds of dog food to pick from, but you must locate a type of food that is best for your dog’s size and age. Feeding your dog leftovers is a good way to save money but provide your dog with a healthy diet is not easy if you feed it leftovers.

Were you aware of how harmful vitamins can be to your pet? Your dog does not need vitamins if you feed it a good diet. An overabundance of vitamins may harm their joints, bones, and blood vessels. Speak to the vet before you give your dog any vitamins.

TIP! If your dog behaves properly, be sure it is praised and given affection. This is to let the dog know that you want more of that behavior.

Your dog’s nose is not a way to determine if your dog’s health is good. There are a lot of reasons that dogs will have a wet or cold nose, even when they’re not sick. Instead, monitor your dog’s health through energy levels, demeanor, and appetite. These are a truer indication if anything is amiss with your furry friend. If necessary, you can get a rectal temperature reading as well.

There isn’t anything like dogs and the joy they add to the lives of nearly anybody. You must learn vital information on what keeps and makes them energetic and happy. Hopefully this article has helped you learn more about caring for your dog.


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